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10 Best GoFundMe Alternatives for Supercharging Your Funding

The first step is to set up your project page. You’ll be able to provide all of the details in this section, including who your campaign is for or raising money. How much you’re aiming to raise, and so on. After that, it’s time to share your GoFundMe with anybody who might want to contribute.
Once you have enough donations, it’s time to pay off any debts or expenses so they don’t accumulate. You can also use the donations as a down-payment on a mortgage or other type of loan so you can get out of debt sooner. For this stage of setting up your project page, you’ll need to decide what percentage of the donation does.


Millions use GoFundMe as their go-to platform for fundraising campaigns. But while GoFundMe is easy to use and has a solid reputation, it lacks some features and isn’t ideal for all campaign types. Today we’ll look at why you might want a GoFundMe alternative and our top 10 options.

Source: 10 Best GoFundMe Alternatives for Supercharging Your Funding


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