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Shutterstock and Staples Partner to Help Small Business

It was recently announced that stock photography provider Shutterstock has formed a partnership with Staples to launch a new interactive design experience for small business owners. The two companies will join together to expand Staples’ turnkey design experiences to include a vast content library and simple image editing tools.

Source: Shutterstock and Staples Partner to Help Small Business

10 Myths About Entrepreneurship: Why Most People Don’t Start a Business?

Entrepreneurship is a rewarding and challenging journey.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth understanding the myths that may be holding most people back.

Here are 10 myths about entrepreneurship to help you decide whether or not this is the right path for you.

Branding Strategy Best Practices + 15 Costly Mistakes You Need to Prevent

What are your favorite brands? Apple? Disney? Trader Joe’s? What do they all have in common?

Even if you hadn’t stopped to think about it before, the reasons are immediately apparent: They all offer quality products, an extraordinary customer experience, and a distinctive brand identity.

And none of these things happened by chance or good luck. It all required strategic planning. But how do you do it? What, exactly, is a branding strategy? How do you develop one? And how is it different from your brand identity?

7 Bottom Line Optimization Tips for Future-Looking Businesses

Top line growth is the first lever of bottom line optimization. And while it’s arguably the most exciting method, it’s also the most difficult to achieve.

“Top line growth means there has been an increase in the gross sales and revenue,” entrepreneur Mary Hart explains. “When you achieve top line growth, you’ve brought in more customers, or sold more to your existing customers, and have made more sales than the previous month or year.”

Bottom line growth is the second lever of bottom line optimization. This is usually easier to do, though there are limitations to how much you’re able to do.


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