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4 New Year Content Marketing Resolutions to Explode Your Online Results

Content marketing never sleeps, nor dies.

It evolves – constantly. It thrives in adversity. And it transforms a crisis – like the 2020 pandemic – into an opportunity.

Maybe you’ve known about this opportunity already. After all, content marketing is an industry that’s growing in popularity by the day, and is about to be worth $412 billion.

Still, the pandemic allowed us to see just how true and powerful content marketing can be.

I mean, look at these quick stats.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, people across all generations turned to the internet. During which:

  • Search rose by 3.6 billion searches/day to 6.9 billion/day — and this still holds steady!
  • 53% of Americans found the internet to be an invaluable resource (while a good 34% deemed it important) – and that’s only the U.S., which is 4.25% of the global population.
  • And in effect, global internet usage grew by 70%.

Do you see the gold here?

There’s no doubt that the global content consumption trends in 2020 have risen to unprecedented heights because of the pandemic. This means more eyeballs than ever, online! 👀

So how can you use this to your advantage?

Just as the pandemic accelerated the already upward trend of the internet age, now is the perfect time for you to accelerate your online efforts as a content marketer.

And, whether you’ve been in the business for quite a while or are just starting out, the new year is always a great time to reset.

So here are four new year content marketing resolutions to take with you in your online efforts for 2021 – to help win you those golden metrics.

new year content marketing

In 2020, search rose by 3.6 billion searches/day to 6.9 billion/day — and this still holds steady. How can you tap into this search traffic explosion for your #brand growth? 🔥 Learn the top #contentmarketing predictions via @JuliaEMcCoy: Click To Tweet

New Year Content Marketing Resolution #1: Make Trust and Empathy Your Number One Priority

Why trust and empathy? Because – more than half of your potential customers rely on whether they trust a brand when deciding to purchase, second only to affordability.

Ignore the importance of trust and you willingly hand over these potential new sales to your competitors.

So here are two things you should do to earn your audience’s trust.

Trust and empathy should be a #1 resolution brands must make in 2021 to build more audience connections. ❤️ More #contentmarketing resolutions via @JuliaEMcCoy on @ExpWriters: Click To Tweet

Here’s How #1: Tell Your Story in a Real and Relatable Way

Edelman found that 81% say trust is more important now because of the need to feel safe. And, 89% of consumers trust and support brands – that help people through the challenges of COVID-19.

So, don’t just tell people who you are. Connect at a deeper level and tell people who you are to THEM, and what values you uphold that they can relate to.

Nine out of ten customers are loyal to brands when they share the same values.

So, dig deep until you find the core purpose of your brand, and be true to that purpose. Because this is what truly resonates to your audience.

This infographic gives you a clear picture of what your story should (and shouldn’t) look like:

Tell your story, but turn it around to focus on your customers. Source: ReferralCandy

Here’s How #2. Deliver Consistent Value That Nurtures Your Audience

Your story is just the beginning – the hook. And, if it isn’t authentic, your customers are going to see through you like glass.

The key to building trust is following through from start to – well, forever.

Keep the quality content coming. Show up consistently. Keep giving your customers a reason to stay.

When you become that source of inspiration, or entertainment and distraction to your audience – building and enriching lives with your content, your voice – then 73% of your audience already have your back.

Consider these when crafting your new year marketing campaigns:

  • No to Last Minute Concoctions: Some brilliant ideas do pop up at the last minute, but more often, it isn’t. So, plan your new year content strategy ahead.
  • Serve Fresh, Meaty Content: Don’t stop with great headlines. Make sure you give your audience what they clicked for – packed with well-researched and relevant information.
  • Don’t Forget to Tenderize the Meat: Break those tough, long sentences. Chop those huge blocks of paragraphs. And, YES – visuals are your best friend to help deliver digestible content.
  • Give a Steady, Healthy Diet: You’ve done it. People trust you. They rely on your content for constant nourishment. So, commit to your content schedule and, if you can, surprise them with dessert. A downloadable guide would be nice.

Did I just make you hungry? If yes, then good. Because there’s more to devour in this post. 🤤

New Year Content Marketing Resolution #2: Take the SEO-Focused Content Marketing Approach

Some marketers will tell you to forget about SEO. Well, I’m telling you to forget about them.

Here’s why.

Organic search is responsible for generating twice more revenue for B2B and Tech Companies. And, it’s the top driver of website traffic, with social media falling way behind by 300%.

PLUS, now there’s a jaw dropping 6 BILLION Google searches PER DAY – that’s twice as many searches than there was in 2019.

– Talk about opportunity knocking at your door, right?

Here are two essentials for developing your new year marketing messaging with SEO in mind.

Here’s How #1. Audience First: Discover and Fulfill Search Intent

SEO is no longer about hitting your keyword counts. It’s how well you know your audience and having the right content strategy.

You have to understand what it is your audience is looking for. It’s not just “shoes”, maybe it’s “running shoes for flat feet”.

Invest a good amount of time to research your audience and build your target persona – before anything else – to zero-in on exactly how you can help with your content.

I teach how to build this in-depth persona and get to know your audience in Module 2 in The Content Strategy & Marketing Course.

The basic recipe for SEO is great content, housed on a great website. It’s that simple, and that hard. Buckle down and commit to it in 2021.

The basic recipe for SEO in 2021 is great content, housed on a great website. It’s that simple, and that hard. #SEO #ContentMarketing More 2021 tips from @JuliaEMcCoy: Click To Tweet

Here’s How #2. Search Engine Second: Target Long-Tail Keywords

Once you have your search intent, your long-tail keywords will follow. They’re your keywords turned to longer key phrases that target your audience’s pain points and interests.

This is the type of keyword you want in your content. It allows you to be found by an audience who’s ready to take action.

Optimize your content to deliver exactly what your audience expects – while making sure that search engines find you the most relevant result.

This is using keywords, but not the old-school way. Your priority is to sound natural. It’s THE content strategy skill to develop this year. 😉

If you’re completely new to SEO writing, I’ve got you.

Watch my in-depth SEO writing tutorial on YouTube, and let’s get you those explosive results:

New Year Content Marketing Resolution #3: Be Your Audience’s Reliable Source

Today, 64% of the general population say it’s important for brands to be a trustworthy source of information, and another half expect brands to educate them (Edelman).

It’s time to embrace long-form, more comprehensive content in your new year resolution campaign.

Here’s How: Hit the Sweet Spot Between W.Y.A.W. and Your Expertise

new year content marketing WYAW

So, how do you know what topics to cover? Where can you find the best new year content ideas? Or, the right new year promotion ideas that will definitely work?

The answer ties in with our second resolution, first sub-point: pin down exactly What Your Audience Wants.

What will make their lives more interesting, or more relevant and meaningful? You need to be talking about what matters to them.

But you can’t talk expertly about something you don’t know, or aren’t at least comfortable talking about. This was my problem when I started a decade ago!

So, I came up with the topic circle concept.

It’s a simple exercise of mapping out topics your audience crave, and finding where your expertise can be maximized. Where those two diverge – that’s the sweet spot.

For deeper learning on audience personas, topic circles, keywords and building your online presence, the Content Strategy & Marketing Course should be your destination. Enroll and grow your brand with content.

New Year Content Marketing Resolution #4: Forget TikTok, Clubhouse, Etc. Until Your Core Site Is Profitable

You might have heard me discussing TikTok in my talks or raving about Clubhouse, but I’m going to give you, my dear reader/marketer/entrepreneur, a golden nugget here.

Forget all the other platforms out there and get your resources focused on building your website until it’s profitable.


Here’s How #1. Stop Squatting on Platforms. Establish Your Content House.

Your website adds credibility to your brand. It shows you can stand on your own. And it gets you to top of SERPs faster when your website has a blog.

Imagine inviting people into your house and having nothing to offer, but COOKIES FOR SALE. That’s how your eCommerce website looks like without a blog!

Blogs generate 67% more leads for companies and are responsible for indexing 434% more pages and 97% more links. (DemandMetric)

Here’s How #2. Never Wait for Inspiration. Find an Expert Content Partner.

60% of companies prefer to keep their content creation in-house. I started mine myself 10 years ago, and that’s how I developed my content house concept.

So, if you’re like me, here’s a guide to how you can build a solid content house in three steps.

But, here’s the thing: Every day without a great content is opportunity lost. So, while you’re at it, consider outsourcing the quality content you need.

Take These 4 New Year Content Marketing Resolutions to Heart and Reap Online Growth

Between 70 to 80% of searchers ignore paid results, and focus on organic SERPs – 28% of which, convert to ROI.

Combine that with Google’s high volume of searches now and you get a higher chance of online growth.

Discover more results in 2021 from great content. Visit our Content Shop and start your order today.

new year content marketing

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