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4 Valuable Lessons From 2020 That Will Define Digital Marketing Moving Forward

7 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Build Relationships and Grow Your Business

Content marketing is an effective type of internet marketing focused primarily on creating, publishing and distributing content specifically for an intended audience online. One advantage that content marketing offers over traditional marketing strategies is the ability to target specific audiences with tailored messages to ensure that the content they see and read has a higher chance of engaging with their audience and generating feedback. For this reason content marketing can be considered a form of conversational marketing because it’s designed to appeal to specific, highly specific, customer segments. To be more precise content marketing should be considered a strategic communications tool that engages the customer as opposed to simply informing them.

Nishit Sangwan You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Year 2020 has been an unprecedented one, and it has taught us all a great deal. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, more so amidst the pandemic. While brands, businesses and entrepreneurs struggled to adapt to the changing […]

Brands, businesses, and companies scrambled to go digital amidst the pandemic. Those that did so successfully flourished, while brick and mortar businesses dwindled. Nishit added, “Businesses and brands had to suddenly focus on going digital. Harnessing the digital space became a matter of survival rather than choice. Moving forward, a strong digital presence and online business model will be quintessential to succeed.” Digital marketing and online business will continue to flourish in 2021. Ensure that your digital presence is strong and that your business can function without a physical dependency moving forward.

The pandemic’s sudden appearance threw the world off-balance. Those who were able to adapt quickly and effectively not only survived but did exceedingly well. Nishit explained,” Several leading brands pivoted their business entirely. From manufacturing essentials, masks and ventilators, to groceries and other products, they adapted quickly. With 2021 on the horizon, it is essential to keep an eye on trends and market conditions and plan accordingly.” If you have an online business, understand what customers will need moving ahead and adapt. The lesson to remember is to embrace diversification in business and remember that digital presence and marketing will continue to evolve in 2021.

One great example of a company who has successfully implemented content marketing into their marketing strategy is Coca Cola. Through co-branding they have been able to create long-term relationships with several other companies and brands, all of which is the backbone of any successful marketing plan. Other examples of successful co-branding include Visa, American Express and McDonald’s. In fact, co-brands are not only effective in getting your product to the top of search engine results but also help you to establish a strong customer loyalty. Another important note regarding the importance of content marketing is that, unlike advertising, it is impossible to fool your customer.

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