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6 Insights to Fuel Your Content Marketing in 2021: Digital RiseUp Summit Talk


This December, I had an amazing opportunity.

I was invited to speak at the largest entrepreneurial gathering in the Middle East – the Digital RiseUp Summit 2020.

Exactly how large, you ask?

30,000+ attendees in a virtual conference that welcomed youth, entrepreneurs, and business enthusiasts of all ages from all across the globe.

Their unique theme for 2020 was #RESET.

RiseUp Summit #reset

RiseUp Summit 2020 speakers

RiseUp Summit sessions

I had a fireside chat, and the person interviewing me was none other than my wonderful friend, Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang (whom I suggested as a host — Dr. Ai hosts her own live streaming shows with over 80 episodes).

It was an honor for me and Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang to speak at this conference, hosted online December 10, 11, and 12 of 2020.

With fingers-crossed and the pandemic gone, I’ll be speaking at the same conference next year in Cairo, Egypt. (**cue Arabian Nights Music** 🐫)

Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang and Julia McCoy

We talked about how I started a Value-Focused Content Ecosystem that got my brand to 100,000 visitors per month (and how I did it again with my other brand, The Content Hacker™.)

But, most importantly, my 35-minute talk’s focus was on how you can do it, too.

So, for those of you who couldn’t join the RiseUp Summit this year, here’s a six-point recap of the exact insights I gave during this talk, which covers my tried-and-true key factors for content marketing success, secret formula for content creation, and advice for improving your content marketing game in 2021.

But First, What’s So Important About Having a Content Ecosystem?

For starters, you want to grow your business, right?

Of course you do.

But here’s the thing.

That’s not happening anytime soon without a foolproof strategy built to take you there.

When I dropped out of nursing school to pursue my passion for writing at just 19, I started Express Writers with $75 in my pocket and a determination to succeed.

Over time, I was able to create and polish a content ecosystem that turned my business into a seven-figure company, with 100,000 visitors monthly.

And, it wasn’t just a one-time thing. I kept starting new brands and applying the same content ecosystem.

I’d learned strategic steps to take that gave me the same positive outcome.

All because of my content ecosystem, which allows me to produce great web design, clear copy, consistent blogs, and weekly emails – all tied together by my underlying brand quality.

I can attribute ALL of our growth at Express Writers to these four key initiatives.

What Are the Key Factors That Contributed to My Success?

Two things: One, I went ahead and just kept going, and two, I was my number one supporter!

It’s not as lonely as it sounds. In fact, there wasn’t a dull moment for me.

Point #1: I Didn’t Wait to Get Started

Why wait when you’re perfectly able to open opportunities for yourself?

Back in 2011, I had this growing passion. I wanted to get out there and take my writing to new heights. But other than just having $75 in my pocket, there was one LITTLE problem:

I was in an oppressive and abusive environment that simply would not allow me to achieve that dream.

I was the daughter of a religious cult leader! I had to have a specific length of hair, wear dresses all the time, and was told that it was my duty as a daughter to give him 80% of the little I was earning at the time.

So, I packed my bags, left in the middle of the night, and almost 10 years later – Express Writers is crossing 30,000 completed projects! You can read more about this in my book, Woman Rising: A True Story.

Now what’s the morale of this story? That if I made it, you can to. It’s all up to you.

I also talk about this in a bit more detail in my YouTube video below:

Point #2: I Invested in My Own Growth

To grow my business, I knew I had to grow, first.

And while there’s tons of free content out there that I could learn from, I knew I needed a much higher level of training. I’ve hired coaches and spent a ton to do the inner work necessary to bring my knowledge up to the level I’m at today.

If you want to succeed, you have to be willing to spend. Invest in yourself. It’s scientifically proven that if you “put your money where your mouth is,” you are SO much more accountable to yourself.

If you want to succeed, you have to be willing to invest in yourself. If you put your money where your mouth is, you are MUCH more successful. More 💡 takeaways here from @JuliaEMcCoy’s @riseupsummit talk with @aiaddysonzhang #ContentMarketing… Click To Tweet

What’s Your Secret Formula for Content Creation?

The truth is, there is NO secret formula. All you need is a growth mindset.

Content evolves, and will keep evolving. What works now, might not work tomorrow. You have to always be out there, studying, improving, and adapting.

Point #3: Google It — and Live in Google’s Results

You want to create content that people will find and love, otherwise, it’s a waste of time.

So, before you write, do a Google search and study the top results. Why do you think Google ranked them at the top? How did they tackle the topic? Most importantly, how can you do better than them?

When you do this, you’re already ahead of 90% of marketers who don’t take the time to research their market first at that level.

Point #4: Learn and Practice (Do, Do, Do)

As you’re getting your content out, you need to constantly learn and improve. Practice the right techniques on how to create content that converts and gives you ROI.

You could just keep learning from your mistakes. Or, to save you time, you could learn from those who have learned from their mistakes.

Just as I said in point #2, invest in yourself and raise your skills. There can be no better advice than this.

Over the last 10 years of running my business, I can tell you it’s not easy. But I’ve gathered the right techniques and developed courses on SEO Writing and Content Strategy & Marketing Course that will absolutely help you up level your content creation skills.

Based on Trends, What Should Content Creators Do to Step Up Their Content Marketing Game in 2021?

It’s all about storytelling. You need to be out there, and people need to know that you care. This is the foundation of trust.

Point #5: Tell Your Story, and Tell It with Vulnerability

The pandemic has become an eye-opener for businesses and consumers alike, resulting in a huge shift in priorities, and making brand relatability an even greater factor for building trust.

81% of consumers regard brand trust as a huge decision factor because of their own personal vulnerability, while 74% look towards your impact to society, according to Edelman.

They need to hear your story. Who are you? What hardships did you have to overcome to get there? And, how are you making a difference to society? If you’re wondering how I did mine, take a look at my story on Instagram and feedback I got.

As of right now, this is huge. Stories are doing better than ever – but you must be vulnerable. So, dig deep, be real, and get your story out.

Point #6: Search Traffic Has Surged, Now is The Time To Be Present with Content

Someone, somewhere, needs to hear about your brand and your solutions to make their lives better.

And, as it happens, Google searches went from 3.5 billion per day to SIX BILLION PER DAY this year! And it’s still climbing.

Your brand presence is more important now than it has EVER before. Let people know you exist, you care, and that you can help them.

Be THERE in Google SERPs.

And Speaking of 2021, the Opportunities are Endless

At the end of my talk at the Digital RiseUp Summit 2020, I was asked if I had any specific project for 2021 that I was fired up about…

I’m super crazy excited about an epic book Dr. Ai  and I are creating – and it’s called Skip the Degree: Save the Tuition. (Featuring 30+ thought leaders!)

It’s powerful. It’s radical. And it’s crafted by two successful dropouts.

We’re looking to equip you with a tangible, actionable, systematic process of finding, living, and earning from your passion – minus that huge college debt.

Be your own supporter. Capitalize on your skills.

Coming to Amazon this February 2021. Get on the waitlist now.

Need something to jumpstart your 2021 content marketing? Hire Express Writers today.


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