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Sales Copywriting & Social Media Video Production


In my team here at Express Writers, we never slow down.

For one, we interview hundreds of writers every month to find our 1-2%, the writers we put a lot of trust in to handle our clients’ projects.

Since our clients rely on us to produce content that won’t add to the noise, and isn’t crappy… we need the best. Fulfilling that is our mission, no matter how tough that commitment gets.

But we don’t stop just there.

In fact, every few months we sit down and review, audit, fine-tune, and add to our existing services.

(For example — this spring, we doubled what we pay our industry expert writers, which was a direct pivot to match the market. We couldn’t hire qualified legal writers anymore at the rate we were charging our clients, so we changed up our process and pay rate.)

We believe in improving, evolving, and growing our own services, processes, and team. It’s a tall order, but one we’ll never drop.

Growth and evolution is a part of success. Without change, a brand gets stagnant and behind the times.

That’s why we’re here sharing two new services we’re now offering as of today in the Content Shop. 🎂 🎈

When it comes to video, in 2020 and going forward, stats show that 54% of consumers actively want to see more video content, 87% of brands are using it, and — ready for it? in social media, video is THE favorite content format for consumers to watch. 

I’ve been playing with video myself for four years, and serious about producing video on our channels for two. I can say that video has added ​more direct clients and revenue ​to our bottom line.

To be able to launch this as a service today, I convinced my talented producer to become a full-time contracted member of my team! 💥 We’ve been hard at work training the rest of the team on how to get ready for a whole new pipeline and format delivery. 

Sales copywriting is an answer to the rising need established brands have for persuasive copywriting. Now at Express Writers, your sales copywriting will be crafted by a Copyhackers-trained writer. A few of our top writers have stepped up to take on a Copyhackers certification and grow their skills. They’re working directly under me to get ready for your sales copywriting orders.

Good copy can make the biggest difference between the conversion or not of a sales offer you are putting out.

Wondering how much sales copy can do? It can be as much as 90% difference in conversions.

Just this year, a marketing firm (VWO) published a study on what happened when they tweaked copy for a client of theirs, CityCliq. Their A/B Test of four versions of a single headline revealed that a single winning headline earned a whopping 90% increase in conversion rate over the original.

If targeted sales copy, which is a skill and an art, could earn you a 90% conversion increase — what would that do for your business?

Both video and sales copywriting are top content formats we couldn’t ignore any more.

Social media video — you need it.

Sales copywriting — you need it.

We now do both. Keep reading for the full story behind our new services.

It’s Here: Launching Two New Content Shop Services, Sales Copywriting & Social Media Video Packages

In Q4 of 2020, we asked ourselves, “How can we continue to make Express Writers stand out as a provider that matches the times?”

Besides sales copywriting, video was a format we couldn’t ignore any longer, along with persuasive, sales-focused copywriting that helps your landing pages earn that ROI you’re hoping for.

Here’s the backstory.

Social Media Videos & The Importance of Consistently Publishing Brand Video on Social

When it came to video, I’ve heard this question for years — “Julia, why don’t you offer video at Express Writers?”

Many of the people that asked were outsiders looking in. Peers, friends in my network.

They were right — video is hot.

But they weren’t right on the suggestion that we should just willy-nilly add it because it’s a “hot service.”

I didn’t take those outsiders’ advice. (And you shouldn’t either.)

If I did, it would have broken us. We were busy getting our core services right.

The reason I didn’t was because of two big, giant P’s we couldn’t answer well when it came to video.

People and process.

You need both before you can even consider offering a DFY (done-for-you) service that your clients will love.

People and process. 💯 You need both before you can even consider offering a done-for-you service that your clients will love. @JuliaEMcCoy on launching new #contentmarketing and #videoproduction services at @ExpWriters Click To Tweet

You need a smart team of people ready to provide the team service you’re selling, and you need a great process for creation and production.

I didn’t have either for video. We spent years getting our process for content writing together.

It was only when I met and partnered with the video producer behind all my own videos that I began to dream again about offering video services from Express Writers.

Here’s the gorgeous video our producer made to announce today’s launch of video production #meta. He’s mega talented. ⭐️


Over the months, we nailed down our process for our own marketing videos.

And it wasn’t easy.

My team or I would write and script (we’d spend a day or two just in the writing alone), and then my producer (now our on-staff video producer here at EW!) would spend another few days in the creation stage.

Then, we’d review, and there would be at least a few revisions for accuracy.

Days, hours, over a week for one solid video. And a ton of management and co-creation. More than I thought possible or necessary.

This is, of course, if you want to publish a video that won’t add to the sea out there, but will stand out.

My producer recently sent me his timeline of work in the program he uses, Apple Final Cut Pro X — this is just a few minutes of “video content in production,” for just one video we put together. It’s a bit crazy.

The more I went through this process 1:1 myself, experiencing the load of creating a script, putting it all together in copy, then pairing it with video production — and editing, revising, and tweaking to make sure we had something amazing to publish — I realized just how much time and trouble we could save our clients by putting together a beautiful promo video for them.

Handling the creative side. The copy, the imagery (visual and written). Then, the production and the managing of that production.

After years of working with my producer, in 2020 I decided to test the waters of creating external brand videos…

By having my producer do our first brand promo video for Express Writers in October.

It would be a model we could re-create and cement as a process for our clients. I would use our results as a case study.

What followed… shocked me.

The Video Heard Around the World (Okay, Maybe Not… But Close)

I gave my producer some B roll footage and photos from my speaking events, and then my writer and I went to work on a script.

We revised several times to get this final 30-second script beauty.

  • Scene 1: Brand + Logo “Your Content Creation Partner Expert”
  • 2: Mentored writers for your niche
  • 3: Content for every format
  • 4: Consistent quality you can count on
  • 5: Led by a content marketing thought leader
  • 6: Sign up & start your content order today:

The purpose was simply to point clients to our services in a clear, memorable way. Our goal was a simple, but incredibly conversion-friendly, brand promo video to announce the launch of our new Content Shop in October of 2020. 

The final output was a :29 second promo video. The results astounded us.

On all platforms:

  • This promo video earned roughly 100x more results than our non-custom created video posts earn on Twitter and Facebook.
  • 9,000+ views and counting on Twitter as a pinned tweet
  • 500+ clicks/week in a $5/day retargeting ad on Facebook, sending multiple high-quality new leads to our site every week
  • A 100x social media visibility increase a normal, non-video post of ours

Our non-video posts on the other hand earn just a few views and if we’re lucky, 1-2 clicks. This is a huge increase.

Similar to all the other done-for-you client services we launch at Express Writers, we modeled our all new video production services from a content piece we tested ourselves for our own brand.

I talked to my producer, and convinced him to join Express Writers as our primary video producer and on-staff talent. It was good timing. He was experiencing losses on other platforms, and had respected and enjoyed our working relationship for a long time, enough to trust me into moving into our team immediately. We’re thrilled to have Cagri on board.

Cilara’s production skills will pair with our Content Manager and our talented writing and editorial team — because the power here truly IS in the team.

It takes a village to produce a great video. (Trust me. We’ve done it.)

Today, we’re confident as we package into a templated process and style a content format and creation that we know will help our clients’ brands get further mileage and visibility online.

Order your video production now.

After you fill out the detailed input form, we have our script writer craft a script and work with you to approve it. Then, our producer gets to work on animation and styles in production.

In our pre-packaged social media video production, you can get a DFY package that offers peace of mind:

  • An end package of a script, and, the three “recommended” fully-produced video format deliverables – a square video for Instagram feed uploading, Instagram story size, & YouTube /Twitter video resolution (1080p)
  • Insta Story can also double as a TikTok video
  • Or, request up to 3 specific format(s)

Sales Copywriting & Why You Need Killer Sales Copy

If your sales pages aren’t working, well… it’s time to rework. The sure way to do that? Stir up much more profitable action on your sales pages with conversion copywriting.

Without persuasive copy, your offer will fall flat. It’s a fact.

If you’re completely new to this, and asking what is conversion copywriting, here’s a quick summary.

Specifically, conversion copywriting is intentional copywriting to write and form a page that gets readers to take an action.

You need nothing less if you want an offer to convert.

For today’s launch, we have Copyhackers-trained writers that know what they’re doing ready to craft your copy. (I went to my top writers, and either encouraged them to take Joanna Wiebe’s courses or offered to help pay for it. Project Conversion Copywriting is a go! ✍️  )

Ready to invest in great sales pages that get your customers in the mood to buy? Check out our conversion copywriting services.

Before we launched it publicly, we did it ourselves internally — and not just for us, but for a few private clients, for a while. Here are a few successful sales pages my amazing team at Express Writers is responsible for.

Case Study of Our Conversion Copywriting Service Example #1: Mindprint Learning

Mindprint Learning wanted a sales page that would convince potential buyers to invest in their Mindprint Assessment. Our sales page follwed the classic PAS formula for conversion copywriting – Problem, Agitation, Solution, and spoke directly to their target market. Our client was very pleased with the end result.

Case Study of Our Conversion Copywriting Service Example #2: Make Great Light

Make Great Light, a company aiming to crush bad fluorescent lighting, had us write a sales page to help get a customer to pull the trigger on this unique product. Particularly, the conversion copywriting technique our writer used involved focused heavily on benefits over features.

Case Study of Our Conversion Copywriting Service Example #3: BB Glow Academy

BB Glow Academy offers training for beauty professionals, and in-person masterclasses. They needed a sales page that emphasized training and certification for the BB Glow face treatment. We spoke to their audience with a more information-heavy approach, to include details about online and in-person classes, kits, equipment, and products — while keeping it fun and easy to read.

Improved Sales Copy on Your Sales Pages = More Sales

Conversion copywriting isn’t something to play with. You need RESULTS.

I know that more than anyone. After almost a decade of running an online business, I now keep a few conversion copywriters on staff for my own launches (my courses and high-level content). Today, I rely on sales page copywriting from my team of writers at EW.

This sales page for my very own writing course is one example. We have had a conversion rate of 10% with cold traffic on this page. 😱  💥

My team has helped me earn $100K from my own product launches. (Which are evergreen, never an open/close forced launch.)

I trust my own writers with the highest level of copywriting I publish… and now you can, too.

Get in on our powerful conversion copywriting and sales page copywriting services.

Ready? We’re Ready… To Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

All of these new services are scientifically-backed to cause more conversions.

And we’ve worked our fingers off to create pipelines, processes, and put people in place to deliver above-expectations on our new services.

Ready to experience an increase in your bottom-line?

Grab one — or two! — of our new services. We promise, you will love these new offerings. ❤️

Take a look at our new services in the Content Shop. 🎂 🎈

To your success,

Express Writers’ Team


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