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4 Tactics to Maximize the Value of Facebook Custom Audiences-Solomofy


Characteristic audience targeting is the top gem of Facebook Ads. Nobody else in our depository of ad targeting weapons comes incidentally close to the characteristic congregation in terms of basic ad lead power. Wistfully though, maximum of the Facebook advertiser accounts decline to comprehend the adequate capability that customer audiences have to offer. So, there are a few Best Social Media Marketing Company that can help you a lot with this procedure.

Here, our top four hacks to get more value out of your action congregation targeting methods:

1. Dignitary visits your “Buy Now” Page But Doesn’t Invest:

Assume you were auctioning consultancy and someone clicks on a button to book an hour with you, but then they give up after stuffing out part of the credit card form. After the credit card form, they would have been imported to a thank-you page for the order. But you can tell from your Analytics that they didn’t reach that thank-you page. Build a characteristic audience based on people who stopover the purchase page but who don’t reach the thank you page. Then, you retarget them with ads on Facebook! SEO Agency India helps you in the process very well and it connects you with the audience very well.

2. Inert Users On Your Email List:

It’s considerable having an email list but if people are not actually checking your emails, it will definitely damage you. The service provider delivering the emails is tracking your open rates, so if there is still low open rates then that surely means you have a poor quality list. To relive those users, how about connecting a list of inert users to Facebook and directing them with an ad for something really beneficial? You get them hooked again and they are no more extended on your inert user list.

3. Your Customer Account:

You can construct a list of customers and build an audience based on this. You could then aim your customers with extra beneficial content, betterment etc.

4. Aim Your LINKEDIN Contacts:

The people you are related to on LinkedIn are most aptly professional contacts who you could create particular characteristic audiences to aim at Facebook. Knowing that this audience may be made up of B2B connections, colleagues, influencers and potential partners, you can target your Facebook ads specifically to this audience and really attract their attention. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry. All you have to do is, export your LinkedIn contacts as a CSV file and then upload it as a custom audience in Facebook.

“Characteristic audiences on Facebook are a productive way to aim your blog readers and business contacts in a directed way.”


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